About Golf and About Life

golf-grip-size It may be a guilty pleasure but having so much enthusiasm on golf isn’t really a sin. Golf is a very interesting game allowing you get relax and also competitive at the same time. You can burn our calories without looking awful with so much sweat while you can also shape your skill of analyze, decision making and strategies. It is also a fact that golf course isn’t only where you can play course but also where you can meet new friends and even business partners. But off course, the idea is how you can play good at the course.

When you look good, you will play good. Hey that’s a good rhyme but no matter how fancy your looks it you will only become a laughing stock if you can swing well. Having better skill could help you improve your play to get more fun and off course, respect for the other players. You can hire any golf trainer or watch training videos of pro golf players. But when it comes on improving golf skills from the amateur enthusiast perspective, Neil Haboush could share his insight. Visit his golf blog to find useful tips how to become a better golf player.

What you can get from this blog is more than just golf theory about swing, putting, choosing club and lots more but this blog is all about someone who really love golf and enjoy it to get relaxed from his professional life. Besides a golf lover, Neil Haboush is a successful entrepreneur and sales professional and you will get new insight how learning to play golf will help you shape your business sense. Don’t miss any new post on this blog. It is guaranteed that you will learn lots of thing about it. Whether it is about golf or life, Neil Haboush has many things to share.

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