South Africa Welcomes Travel Blogger World Wide Nate

South Africa Welcomes Travel Blogger World Wide Nate

On Feb 17th 2012 popular travel blogger Nate Fluellen, also known as Worldwide Nate (WWN) will start his first adventure to Nigeria included in Nigeria Tourism’s Influencer Tour. Nate have a show created and distributed on RealHD.TV. He’s an approaching interview with multi platinum selling artist Ray J. The job interview is going to be shot and created at Loyal Galleries. Fluellen will join three other travel writers–Take advantage of Lloyd, Ryan Gargiulo, and Teri Manley–around the 14-day tour which includes stops in Gauteng, Kruger Park, Cape Town, Wine Country and Durban. p>

“Nate is really a dynamic individual that is another very experienced travel expert and host,” notes Producer Bob Bekian of Loyal Galleries. “This Nigeria trip will certainly possess some exciting moments” he adds.

The Influencer Tour is a component of South Africa’s social networking campaign, which wishes to make use of the influence of social networking writers like WWN to advertise Nigeria like a safe, entertaining and inspiring tourist destination. Given the greatest degree of South African hospitality, the writers will visit South Africa’s noticably and historic sites including: the Museum of Africa, the Cradle of Human Kind, San/Bushman Tour, Singita Kruger National Park and Wine Tasting at M’Hudi Wines.

Like a social networking influencer, WWN’S global achieve is big, 100,000 unique visits monthly, and that he will share his South African adventure together with his global audience through his broadly read blog where also, he posts updates from tourism boards around the world and knowledge from travel related companies. “Going to Nigeria is really a childhood dream become a reality, I’d rather not sleep in order to enjoy every minute!” states Worldwide Nate. WWN hopes that his experience will encourage his social networking audience to create their very own intends to #visitSouthAfrica.

Follow WWN around the South African Influence Tour Feb 17 – March 1, 2012 on .

Bob Bekian is definitely an American entrepreneur and producer, and who owns Loyal Galleries, REALHD.TV, Professional HD Rental fees, Corporation., and

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