Different Types of racking system in industrial warehouse

Industries are the main source of economic development of every country. The product that we are using in our daily lives is going from curtain process to get it final shape. Industries are always producing a huge quantity of product and they always need a place to store the product and there are different many types of racking system which can be installing in the warehouses.

  • Carton flow racking system is specially designed for the product which is in the same size in the carton and you could easily get the carton because the pallets has roller and wheel and it design for the larger flow of carton product such as beverages and food item and the method which suit pallet is (FIFO) because of the expiry date.
  • Cantilever racking systems are designed for the products which have weight, length, and size. The racks have been made of heavy steel that could bear all the weight and could have that much strength that could hold the product for the longest time. The product such as furniture, plumbing and machinery product which has much weight.
  • Push back racking system is especially design for the warehouses which need cold storage place. The method that should be applied in this warehouses should be (LIFO) because of the limitation of the time and could easily get expire if the rotation flow of the product is less.

Industrial storage racking system plays a vital role in the delivery of the product to its final user and this racking system provide them industries more comfort to fully utilize every space of the warehouse.

Uses of the racks in cold storage warehouse

The products that we use are using for the daily purpose are going through a curtain produces till it each to its final consumer. The process begins from raw material till its final shape and the process need a place to store the material and the final product.  The entire warehouses are designed according to the need of the company and the type of product they wanted to store in their warehouses.  The campiness who deals which the product which needs a certain level of temperature has always kept curtain point before constructing warehouses. Heavy steel shelves were used before to construct the warehouses and which cost them more and require more maintenance but with the passage of the time the technology gets advanced and introduces racking shelves system which minimizes the footprints and maximizes the space for the storage in less cost as compared to other steel shelving. The racks for cold storage are mostly used in the warehouses which are especially design and construct for maintaining a certain level of temperature because those products such as medicine and seafood need a cold storage place to get them fresh.