Free Boiler Grant Scheme Key Elements

Most of the people do not know the full details on the grant scheme for a free boiler. According to the UK Government, which is part of Energy Company Obligation, also known as ECO, in order to receive a free boiler, you have to follow certain criteria. What is more, your old one has to be used for over ten years. This means that you should definitely had already owned a boiler so far.

Another factor is that in order to apply for a free boiler, you have to own a building. After completing all of these requirements, you are allowed to allot funding for a new free boiler rated in A+. All of the free boilers are funded from the UK Government. They do not need to be fixed at all. This kind of plan was declared in 2013. The purpose is to help people, who have low salary, reduce their productivity of energy so far.

The income of the people who apply should not be over £ 16, 010. As I mentioned earlier, the whole scheme is supported from ECO, which, on the other hand, is funded by one of the biggest United Kingdom utility groups so far. Basically, Energy Company Obligation, is made out of three groups – Carbon Saving Obligation, Carbon Saving Community Obligation and Affordable Warmth.

The whole process gets financial help from Affordable Warmth. This scheme helps people financially so far. However, you have the ability to save money for something else. When receiving your free oil boiler grant, you have to be sure that this it is one that is going to be reliable and energy-efficient going forward. If you are approved, a person will come to your house and will place the boiler in the proper place. People who have applied for this and had an approval are pleased and satisfied.