divorce cost

How much does divorce cost

A lot of people are often asking how much it costs to get a divorce. The cost of getting a divorce is dependent on different factors, which we will look at in this article as we consider family law Manchester services and family law solicitors around the UK

The cost of divorce is not the same in every country for example, in England and Wales, the court fee to file for a divorce is £550. If you file for a judicial separation that is if you want to end your marriage perhaps for religious reasons, you will pay £365. Application for a consent order will cost you £100 this is payment for a legal order that makes your agreed financial arrangements legally binding. Application for a financial order is £255 if you want the court to decide how your finances will be divided.
In Scotland, you can choose two ways of getting a divorce. If you use the simplified divorce you pay a fee for a document called a Minute Decree which costs £48 then you will pay £113 for the Sheriff Court or £125 for the Court of Session. If you go for the ordinary divorce, £150 is applicable in a sheriff court or £166 in the Court of Session.
In Northern Ireland, the court fee is £237. Filing for a decree that says your divorce is final is £89. Application for a court hearing costs are £355 in the high court and £296 in a county court. Application for ancillary relief which is for ongoing payments or shares in the possessions you own will cost you £355 in the high court and £296 in a country court. In any of these countries, you can get help with paying off the court fee in case your income is below a certain level or you are on certain benefits.

Solicitors and Lawyers
More couples are nowadays considering doing their divorce online or themselves but in case the simple divorce does not work for you may need to use a solicitor to tell you whether you have grounds for divorce. Whether you’re looking for family law Manchester support, or anywhere in the UK, it can be of real benefit.
If your divorce is not contested, you will need a solicitor or lawyer but if it is uncontested meaning both you and your partner agree on the terms then you may not need to pay a solicitor. In cases where there are no minors involved, a solicitor may also not be needed and even when your assets are not substantial.
If you reach an agreement on the division of your assets and other matters the like grounds for your divorce, you may consider doing a simple divorce or as it is also called a DIY divorce. Solicitors and lawyers charge by the hour with solicitors fees ranging from £2000 to £3000 and lawyers even higher and harder to estimate.