How to Get Up on a Wakeboard

When you’re starting out on your wake boarding adventure, getting a high quality wake tower from Big Air Wake Towers is just the start. Learning to stand up is the foundation of wakeboarding, so master the basics to make the most out of your time on the water.

When putting on a wakeboard, put it on the back of a waterski platform. Put one foot in at a time, then lace the bindings up tightly. Make sure the bindings fit you properly so that they’re a bit snug.

Once you’re in the water, grab the handle with both palms down. Avoid holding the handle like a baseball bat. The handle should be straight, slightly above the board, and facing the boat.

At start up, having your knees completely bent as if you’re squishing yourself into a ball. Put your knees between your arms, and your arms should be very slightly bent.

Stay in the ball position until the boat starts moving, and the board pops up out of the water. The momentum of the boat will natural pull you up, so go with the motion.

When you’re up, keep your knees over your toes. Your hips should be over your heels. Rotate from your ribcage, not your hips. Keep the handle by your lead hip. Your back arm should go across your body with your front arm bent slightly. Keep your knees bent.

Once you learn how to get up on a wakeboard, you’ll be ready to do all of those awesome tricks you’ve been dying to try. Have a blast!