Should You Lift Weights Before Wakeboarding?

If you are thinking about going wakeboarding and you have been sites to learn more about it, one question that you may have is weather or not it is going to help you to lift weights and get in better shape before you go. The answer to this question is quite simple: Yes, it will definitely help you when you get out on the water.

Remember, even basic wakeboarding, when you are not doing any tricks, is going to take a lot of leg strength. You have to be able to balance on the board and hold yourself up as you go over the waves. There is a lot of up and down motion that you have to absorb with your knees, and you are typically in a crouched position that is unnatural for your body. If you do some leg presses and build up the muscles in your thighs, you will be better able to hold yourself up, and you will crash less often. Of course, you could still make a mistake and wipe out, but it will not be due to simple fatigue.

If you are going to be doing tricks like jumps or rolls, you need to work on your arm muscles as well. They are not quite as important, but they still play a large role in how you can perform. The stronger you are, the easier it is going to be to throw and pull your body through all of the tricks.