What to Look for in your Temperature Controlled Couriers

If your businesshas goods that needs to be kept at a set temperature and shipped by a temperature controlled vehicle, then you’ll be required to choose a temperature controlled courier service in order to carry out each transport. Finding the right temperature controlled courier for your business can be difficult when considering the extensive range of options that are available online.


Many of these service providers offer controlled ambient courier for the healthcare industry, as well as transporting refrigerated and frozen food items to a range of destinations. We’ve put together a quick guide on how to evaluate and seek out a temperature controlled courier that is capable of getting your good delivered on time and in perfect condition.

What services do they offer?

You should look for an experienced company that offers a range of delivery options to your business. The most highly skilled temperature controlled couriers will offer services such as refrigerated, frozen, dry ice and air freight to their clients. As well as this, manufacturers and retailers should expect couriers to use state-of-the-art vehicles with built-in monitoring technology that’s able to maintain a constant temperature. This should be an up-to-date model that can track and trace the differences between exterior and interior temperatures.

Finding a courier company

Once you know what it is that you’re looking for, it will be easy to locate one of these companies. Finding a local company online certainly has its advantages, namely the proximity that you’ll have to the chosen courier. The services and prices offered by these companies are always changing, so it would be wise to make a comparison between several options online before making your final decision.

You’ll also want to consider the any feedback from prior customers to ensure that you have found a company who can be trusted to provide your business with the most reliable and efficient temperature controlled courier services. It wont be difficult to find reviews and testimonials across a number of different online platforms.

Make sure that you get the best rates

By comparing the prices of each courier service online, this will undoubtedly save you a substantial amount of money, even over the course of just one year. Comparing the sites of every local courier company may take a few hours, but the end result will be worth it. Only you can determine the best courier service for your business that offers the most beneficial deals.

Once you have made the proper comparisons and temperature controlled courier service, you’ll have no problem finding the best one for you. PDQ Call are a leading courier service in the UK, who offer a range of modern delivery options. To take a look at their list of services, just head to http://www.pdqcoldcall.co.uk/.