Do I need a drink driving solicitor, if I caught drink driving?

Have you been charged with drink driving? Are you looking for a professional defence lawyer to represent you in Court or in Police Station? You want to appeal for your drink driving case? Want to reduce the penalty or sentence? Want to protect your license? Then read the basic things you need to do when you are caught by police in charge of drink driving offence.

At the police station
You need to decide on this. Although it is advisable that you seek advice and make arrangements to contact a drink driving solicitor at the police station, when you are detained and make any formal statement in front of officer in police station. There is always a duty solicitor available at police station on call 24 hours a day. He provides free legal advice to people detained at the police station. The police also ask you if you want to contact a drink driving solicitor. Though the provision of an evidential specimen of breath, blood or urine cannot be delayed.

When you are detained at police station, there are few options available to you:
You can seek help of police station duty solicitor available on call 24 hours a day and provide free legal advice to the needy people. Seeing a duty solicitor at the police station is completely free of charge regardless, how much you may earn or how much savings you have

You can ask police officer to see your own or any other solicitor you have heard of

In case you do not have your own solicitor, you can also ask the police to have local list of solicitors
You also have an option of not to see a solicitor at the police station

At court
When you choose the option, not to see a solicitor at the police station and you are charged with a drink driving related offence then it is in your best interests to find a drink driving solicitor to represent you in court. This should be done as soon as possible after you are charged with drink driving related offence.

A drink driving defence solicitor with a good knowledge of road traffic, motoring and drink driving law is capable to examine all evidence and paperwork related to our case. He will also be able to ascertain whether the police have followed correct procedure at all times or not. If correct procedure has not been followed by the police, then you may have a defence to your drink driving charge.

Drink driving solicitor will also be able to advise you which is the best course of action you are needed to take. Also the very least will be able to put together a plea of mitigation that can be presented to the court in order to help secure a lenient sentence.