Why you need a solicitor when buying a home

Discuss in this article why you need a solicitor when buying a home. Also, follow our tips on how to find the right solicitors in manchester for you.

So finally your search for your dream home stops here and you found the right home for you. And now you started making plans for a mortgage. You know it or not, but you need a solicitor to handle the legal side associated to acquire the full possession of your home.

Legal side consists of conveyancing. What conveyancing is? Conveyancing is done either by property solicitors or by conveyancers. They will resolve the full range of things like dealing with the Land Registry and transferring the cash to buy your home.

This step-by-step guide explains you exactly why it is essential to hire a conveyancer and how to find the best the best conveyancer for you.

What conveyancing is all about?
Conveyancing is a phrase used to describe the legal work between your offer is accepted, you and the seller exchanging contracts, and the completion of the sale. Every home purchase and sale differ from other. So, in general, a conveyancer will manage things like:

– dealing with the Land Registry
– stamp duty charges and payments
– collecting and transferring money during a house sale
– providing legal advice and recommendations
– drawing up and assessing contracts.

How to choose a solicitor Manchester
It’s the most exciting and challenging part too while buying a home. Selecting a property solicitor or conveyancer is the really important decision. Though all solicitors are qualified to do conveyancing, not all solicitors have experience in this area, so choose a solicitor that specializes in property transactions.

Do not blindly follow the opinion and suggestion made by your estate agent. It is advisable not to use their in-house service or any external companies they recommend for service. Follow these tips to find the best solicitor Manchester:
• Search for a ‘no-sale, no-fee’ solicitor, as this gives them an incentive to get the work done quickly.
• Finding a ‘fixed-fee’ service is also worth. It means you only pay the quoted amount when you sign up. This avoids hassles or hidden surprises which may come in between.
• Don’t make your decision solely based on price, as the solicitor you use will be responsible for all the legal work surrounding your property purchase. If he misses anything or makes a mistake, it could end up costing you a lot more than the amount you saved by choosing the lower or cheapest service.
• Try not to use a solicitor or conveyancer who is extremely busy. In spite the one who handles your case with proper attention.