Step-by-step guide to publishing a book and eBook

Read this write-up to publish a book or eBook and sell it on Amazon, Kindle, Apple iBooks and more.

You’ve written the great Romantic novel or any guide to style-up for the party. Now, you want to catch as many eyeballs as possible, and also want to make some cash alongside. Then you can opt for book publishing or self-publishing your work. The trend of self-publishing is very much in and affordable these days. Here we give you some hints on book publishing on (or an eBook publishing) on Amazon, Kindle, Apple iBooks and much more.
Preparation for publishing a book or eBook

The first task of writing is toughest one, i.e., the work of writing a book. Great! You have handled the issue well. Next challenge comes to get your book into a print or ebook-friendly format. You can also consider hiring someone to complete this task. Self-publishing services available these days are pretty good and capable of handling documents well. Every eBook publisher can convert a Microsoft Word document or text document into ePub and can always check the conversion before publishing. A writer must practice a habit of making the simple document with clean and clear layout and format. Also, it is always better to save Word documents as .doc rather than .docx.

If a writer is printing a paper version of his book, he needs to ensure it is in the format acceptable to printer or publisher. An author can render paid services for everything. Remember, Amazon rejects the books that aren’t properly edited.
The other thing considerable at this stage is you need a full-sized cover at 300dpi. If you have limited design skills, it is worth to outsource for this task because the cover is the essential part of your book. A professional-looking cover creates a difference between sale and no-sale. People usually judge books by their covers.

Also, every book and eBook seller require preparing marketing copy to promote his book. Typically, this should be first 30-40 pages of your book. This is essential as many times people try before they buy.
Set up a website for promoting your book. You can point people toward your book on sale in all the places from where they can buy. Add other minor details like bank account set up to receive any payments and price of the book.

Finally, ISBNs. An International Standard Book Number is the unique code assigned to every book published, much like a UPC. They aren’t cheap, and they aren’t required for an eBook unless you are going to sell through the iBook store. Now, you are ready to publish your book.

How to do direct publishing on Amazon Kindle?
Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is straightforward to use. One needs to supply book simply- and author info, keywords, cover art, excerpts, and DRM selection, after which, send the manuscript for review. Books are usually online and available on the Amazon store within 24 hours.

How to publish on other platforms?
To meet to your potential audience Barnes & Noble and Apple iBooks can also be considered, but you will get nothing like the scale of Kindle for eBooks.