Surf Camp Costa Rica for Your Vacation

Prior to you embark on your trip for a Costa Rica surf camp adventure, be wise sufficient to make a small study so you recognized what to bring and do not bring. Otherwise, you either mess up on your trip or even have to go back house sorry simply because.

Yep, you are prepared for this in reality you have packed all your clothes. You’ve worked difficult for the location ticket and for the package, so there is no reason why you cannot go to sunny Costa Rica. So check and double check that absolutely nothing incorrect stops you from creating this a lot-awaited trip, Here is a check list of the items that you’ve to prepare to make positive that your Costa Rica enjoyable adventure becomes one particular of the most memorable trip that you will ever make.

Here is a shortlist of some of the crucial stuffs that you should not forget.

Funds in US Cash. Bear in mind significantly of surf camps don’t have atm machines and neither do they accept credit cards or traveler’s cheques.

Airline tickets

Passport. It should really have at least 3 months allowance Just before it expires.

Slippers, crocks, reef walkers, water shoes. Make certain that they are comfy to enjoy the day.

Hiking and tennis shoes

athletic socks


Light rain jacket and umbrella, if you are traveling in the course of rainy season (June-December)

beach towels (bring at least a pair)

Yoga clothes (preferably shorts)

Bathing suits (make it 3 to have 1 spare). Far more suits, the greater. Costa Rica is quite hot in the day, so considerably of vacationers here prefer to wear suits.

Sunscreen (opt for +five% zinc or titanium oxide, rather of 30SPF). Opt for HIC 2x sunblock for the body, Alligator, Hawaiian blend sport with zinc, or La Roche-Posay Helioblock S Athelios, rather of SPF 60. For your face, the a single that you can apply in swimming or surfing, pick out Vertra, Shiseido Sun Protection Skin Foundational SPF 35, HIC 2X sunblock, Zinka nosecoat, Headhunter Surf Screen, and UV All-natural Sport. Do not pick old sunscreen simply because they will burn your skin or make you darker. Do not be fooled with SPF 70 simply because it really is just the similar as SPF30.

Insect repellent. Select 20 to 30% DEET or even DEET-absolutely free.

Sun hat

Sun glasses

Sarong or pareo

Beach gear, like tanks, shorts, and short skirts. Neighborhood girls prefer skimpy clothes when going to the beach.

Watch and alarm clock.

Camera. Get this prepared primarily when you are in San Jose since some of the scenic spots in Costa Rica are here.

A lot more batteries, chargers, and memory cards.


Surely, you are now prepared to catch the flight Costa Rica. So nicely wishes to you and enjoy a splendid Costa Rica surf camp adventure trip.