Do you understand what a vehicle remapping is? Do you want to increase the performance of your vehicle? It is the fact that car remapping has some advantages; that is why the people opt for a car remapping after the manufacturer warranty period is over. There are different care remapping and engine tuning services. You may opt for a car remapping North West service to change the engine functionality and workability. You may do a care remapping and chip tuning in several ways. It all depends on the model and type of car. In this article, you will get information about different types of car remapping.

OBD remapping

If we consider the simplest and the most common method of car remapping, the OBD may be termed as the most natural way. In this method, you may read and write the ECU memory through onboard diagnostic port (OBD. An expert dealer may read out your ECU and do the required changes in the ECU. After it, he will install the altered software with modified performance. There are some benefits to OBD reading and writing. These benefits include:

  • There is no need to remove the ECU.
  • No soldering required on the board
  • You may quickly restore it to factory setting in a quick manner.


New generation cars may be done with this type of remapping. It requires the removal of ECU from your care. You may read and write through the BDM port that is situated on the printed circuit board. Different particular adapters are used to connect the ECU. These adaptors are designed for the purpose. The procedure is performed on desks, and there may be a requirement of soldering in some car models.                            

BOOT remapping

The modern car ECUs are fitted with some more protective tools. These tools and setting don’t allow OBD reading and writing on different control units. It would be best if you had a boot remapping for such vehicles. In this method, the ECU is removed from the car, and the boot mode is unlocked. The onboard soldering is also performed.                          


For older models, this method of remapping is done. EPROM is a memory circuit. You should remove it from the computer. After it, you read out the EPROM software. In this method, ECU is removed from the car. This method is time-consuming because you replace older EPROM with the new one.